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I think my account is frozen or banned. What happened?

As a condition of posting on the Underground, all members of agree to page Terms of Service. If you violate any one of these, your account may be frozen for a set period of time, or bounced from the page entirely. As we don't have the time to check every post you have ever made and selectively delete the bad ones, we as well may have had to delete every post you ever made.

If you saw someone posting something bad previously, that does not mean it is fine for you to do whatever you want.

If you made a mistake, feel free to let us know the circumstances via an email to Include your understanding of why your account was bounced from the page, along with your name, phone number, and address, so we can reach you personally if necessary.

As well if you feel there is some misunderstanding an innocent action, please let us know, along with name, phone, and address.

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